Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop Review

Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop Review

Cleaning floors is a chore that’s favored by only a select few. Without the correct cleaning tools, it can feel like one is going through the motions instead of actually cleaning. Getting the right mop for the right occasion is your main priority if you want to keep your house clean.

That’s where the Mopnado Spin Mop steps in. The mop has an 180° turning radius and a built-in soap dispenser. Find out why this mop is a great choice for your home through reading this detailed review of its features, benefits, and why it’s perfect for your home.

About The Product

  • Handle that extends up to 56 inches long
  • Soap dispenser
  • Scrubbing Attachment
  • 2 Washable Microfiber Mop Heads
  • Self-Wringing System

The Mopnado Spin Mop makes cleaning up a breeze. It auto wrings itself out onto a bucket, so users don’t have to bend over once they’re done cleaning. You can find this on Amazon at a price around $61.

The Mopnado Spin Mop is a great choice for people who have limited space in their home. It can fold into a 10-inch cube which can be easily stored in a closet or a corner in your apartment. Also, it’s machine washable; meaning that you can reuse it as many times as needed.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop .


Also, the steel mop comes with a scrub brush and two mop heads. This allows users to clean their house and have a replacement head to use while the other one is being washed. It rotates 180° to clean under furniture and to clean edges and corners easily.

This deluxe model has 2 handles and large wheels for enhanced mobility while cleaning. Unlike its competitors who use aluminum and plastic, the Mopnado’s base is made of stainless steel. Because of this, it’s durable and can be used for intense cleaning.

Plus, a built-in soap dispenser is placed in the bucket for easy liquid cleaning and mixing. As a result, users can apply the soap onto their floor and properly clean their area. Get this device if you want to get a tool that helps you clean rooms in less than 30 minutes.

Each microfiber mop has an average lifespan of 5-8 months. This gives you enough time to utilize the device and costs very little to replace. In comparison to other cleaning mops in the market, users are more likely to save money using the Mopnado Spin Mop.

On the other hand, shoppers were concerned about the mop’s small head size. This means that its unable to hold a large quantity of dirt or clean a large area as fast as expected. We suggest that you use the mop’s auto-wringing system frequently to remove dirt that’s been collected by the mop.

Overall, we believe that the Mopnado Spin Mop is a great choice for homeowners, janitors, and housekeepers. Buying this mop allows you to clean through tough areas, remove dirt that’s hidden underneath furniture and serve as a great asset towards your home.

Buying Advice

Do you still need extra assistance? When shopping for a spin mop, you have to know what specifications are needed to get the most out of it. Once you find a mop that matches the specs you require, test it to ensure that it fits well and works with your household.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop.


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Search for spin mops that have a record for being durable and lasting longer than competing devices. This saves you money on frequently buying replacements and getting another spin mop in the future.

Usually, your spin mop should last for years. With the Mopnado Spin Mop, it has an overall lifespan of 3 years. It’s microfiber mops can last for 8 months before getting replaced. Make sure you check the longevity of your spin mops to ensure that they work the best for you.

What’s The Average Length Of A Mop Handle? Can It Be Adjusted?

Your mop handle should be at a comfortable length in relation to your height. On average, spin mop handles are at a length of 59 inches and can be adjusted to your desired length. To adjust the height, just unlock the handle, adjust it to your needs and lock it.

  • Tip: For your mop head to spin at the winger, the mop head must be unlocked. Keep it locked when you’re cleaning and unlock it once you’re ready to remove the dirt from your mop. This allows you to thoroughly clean up the mop and continue to clean your area.

Ease Of Use

Check to ensure that your spin mop you’re searching for has an easily removable mop head. Cheaper spin mops have hard to maneuver contraptions and locks that prevent you from removing the mop head quickly.

You want one that makes it easier for you to remove, place in the washer, and put back on. Fortunately, the Mopnado Spin Mop’s patented mop heads make it easier to rinse the mop head. You’ll be able to clean and remove the mop head without exerting too much energy.

Other Factors

Here are some other things to consider when searching for your first spin mop:

  • Think about the size of the spin mop and if you need a larger one, for more durability, or a smaller one due to its lightness and easy maneuverability.
  • Think about the type of bucket that comes with the mop; does the bucket have wheels or not? Is it large enough to hold the liquid that you need?
  • What type of floors does your house have? Is your bucket large enough to hold the amount of liquid you need?
  • Does it have a replaceable mop head in the event you wear the previous one out?


In conclusion, the Mopnado Spin Mop is the best mop for small apartments to large condominiums. It has a scrubbing attachment which can be used to brush off tough to remove stains. Purchase this mop, if you’re serious about maintaining the appearance of your home.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop set.


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