A Consumer’s Guide To Finding The Best Spin Mop On The Market

A Consumer’s Guide To Finding The Best Spin Mop On The Market

Keeping your home clean is one of the most important things that you can do, regardless of whether or rent or own your property. What’s the old saying about cleanliness and godliness, after all? If you have just moved out, you may be a little overwhelmed by all of the options that you have at your disposal when it comes time to clean.

Over the course of today's article, we are going to be looking for the best spin mop that you can find for sale. We will be answering the question of what is the best spin mop in our five spin mop reviews. A wide range of products will be covered to make it easier for you to find your ideal mop, regardless of your needs.

Before we get to our reviews, however, let’s get back to home cleaning and the different options that you have at your disposal. When it comes time to clean the house, which of your many tools should you use? For example, when should you use a vacuum cleaner, when should you use a broom, and when should you use a mop?

Spin mop.

A broom is on the lower end of the spectrum, and it is typically less useful than a vacuum cleaner. If you have a vacuum in your home and you are opting to use a broom, it is merely because the mess is not significant enough to warrant bringing your vacuum out of storage in the first place.

Brooms and vacuum cleaners are similar in that they are meant to be used in the same types of messes. If you have a mess which is dry and made up of many different bits and pieces, ranging anywhere from dust to a broken drinking glass, you will want to opt for a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

Vacuums are more efficient at cleaning than brooms because they don't just push the mess around from side to side, a vacuum cleaner will instead suck the mess right off of the floor. If you don't have time to deal with dustpans, brooms, and garbage cans, you will find that a vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice.

Finally, you can also opt to use a mop to clean your home. A mop is useful for floors that have dirt which is embedded deeply in the surface. Mops are also an excellent choice for messes which are not solid. If there is something that fell on the floor which is sticky or otherwise liquid-based, you will want to opt for this cleaning method.

Now that we have gone over the most popular floor cleaning methods and the situations in which they are useful, we can get to our reviews. Without further delay, let’s move on to our search for the best spin mop on the market.

Best Spin Mop

Winner - Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

  • Features an extended handle with a length of 56 inches for superior comfort in use
  • The spin agitator features special plates that help remove dirt and debris from the mop head
  • Features a stainless steel basket for improved durability and resistance to corrosion
  • The bucket features improved portability thanks to the walkable design
  • Bucket features a carry handle, a pull handle, and a built-in soap dispenser
  • The microfiber mop helps you clean more thoroughly while protecting your floor
  • The mop head is machine washable
  • Comes included with two microfiber mop heads and a scrub brush
  • Features a telescopic locking design for easy extension

The Mopnado spin mop is the first product that we will be looking at in our search for the best spin mop. We would argue that this is the best overall choice of the models on this list thanks to its inclusion of such a wide array of features that you typically won’t find on models in this price range.

What is impressive is that this spin mop model is somewhat pricey, and it still makes the competition look poor in comparison. You can usually find this mop available for 75 dollars, but the price drops to a more reasonable level when this mop goes on sale. You can sometimes buy this product for around 60 dollars.

The spin agitator is much easier to use than on other models thanks to the quality gear plates that are used in its construction. The spin drive is driven using a handle, so you don't have to worry about the awkward method of operation that is usually present on models with pedal-driven spin drives.

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop set.

source: mopnado.com

The bucket has dual handles which makes it much easier to carry or pull along, depending on how you would like to bring it to the spot of the mess. When coupled with the wheels, you will find it easy to carry the bucket wherever you need it, even if it has recently been filled up and it is still heavy.

There is even a soap dispenser which has been built into the bucket, making it much easier for you to adjust the level of cleaning agent in the water. The inclusion of a scrub brush means that you won’t have to wear away your microfiber cloth trying to clean grout and other messes which are embedded deeply.

The use of stainless steel for the basket may come as a surprise to some. It is relatively uncommon to see a metal basket, but due to stainless steel’s excellent corrosion resistance, it is an excellent choice. If you want a spin mop that can do it all, and you are willing to pay the price, the Mopnado spin mop is the best option.

Runner Up - O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

  • The bucket features a built-in wringer that allows you to wring the mop without the use of your hands
  • The microfiber mop is soft enough to work with light messes but cleans deeply enough for tough ones
  • The durable, hard plastic foot pedal is used to activate spin wringing
  • The splash guard on the bucket helps prevent you from making a mess while spin wringing
  • The mop should be spun between one and ten times depending on your preference for dryness
  • Features a triangular design, which makes it easier to clean messes in corners
  • Features a pivoting head, making it easier to clean underneath furniture

Our runner up on this list is this O Cedar spin mop. If you want a spin mop that is a little more affordable than the Mopnado, but you are unwilling to sacrifice quality, then this is the ideal mop for you. Thanks to several design features, you can clean your house with ease and convenience while using this product.

Unlike the Mopnado, you can usually find this O'Cedar spin mop available for around 45 dollars, but the price can be discounted even further when it goes on sale, for around 34 dollars.

However, apart from the price, you may be wondering just what this spin mop has to offer that the competition doesn't.

First of all, we were very impressed by the triangular head of this mop. Unlike other spin mops, you won’t have any issues cleaning corners, which has been a problem with traditional round designs for some time.

This feature is not the only way that convenience has been improved in this mop.

O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop.

source: ocedar.com

The inclusion of a pivoting head ensures that this mop will be able to reach under any furniture or anything else that you would like to clean beneath. This Ocedar spin mop is an excellent choice for customers with back pains since the pedal spin drive ensures that you will not have to bend over while using it.

An issue with many spin mops is that the dirty mop water tends to get everywhere when you activate the spin drive. Thanks to the inclusion of a rim around the bucket, you no longer have to worry about splashes when you spin your mop. This keeps both you and your floor much cleaner.

The use of microfiber in the mop head ensures that it will be versatile enough to clean up almost any mess, from tough, embedded stains, to simple spills. If you are looking for the best value for money in your spin mop, it is difficult to recommend any product other than this O-Cedar spin mop.

Alternative 1 - Twist And Shout Hand Push Spin Mop

  • Features a design which omits unnecessary moving parts to improve reliability
  • Features a bucket which is designed to be sturdier but lighter than the competition
  • A push on the handle will activate the spin drive
  • Features a swivel joint which allows you to clean beneath furniture and other tough spots
  • Comes included with two 14-inch microfiber mop heads for improved cleaning capabilities
  • The telescoping handle of this mop can be adjusted from 44 inches to 55 inches long
  • Comes included with a lifetime warranty when purchased on Amazon

While the name may seem silly to you, the Twist and Shout is one of the most reliable spin mop models that you will come across, as is evidenced by its excellent reception from customers. Let’s go over some of the reasons why this is one of the best spin mops on the market, and how it compares to the competition.

This spin mop features a simplified mechanism that is much more reliable than those that can be found in other models. If you prize reliability in a spin mop, you will find few products that can compete with the Twist and Shout. Due to the diminished number of moving parts, there is less to go wrong in the spin drive.

Since the spin drive is activated by pushing down with the mop, you don't have to worry about any foot pedals potentially breaking and ruining your spin drive.

A few pushes on the spin drive lets you wring your mop to the exact level of moistness that you would like for an ideal clean.

The bucket is another part of this spin mop that is designed to improve your user experience.

While it may be much larger than comparable buckets, at first glance; you will find that this bucket is also far lighter without sacrificing durability.

Since this bucket only weighs four pounds, it will be easier to carry when full.

Twist and Shout Mop

The swivel joint on the head of this mop can be bent 180 degrees to reach under furniture, and it can also rotate if you would like to clean along the bottom of your walls. This mop comes included with two microfiber pads that can each be used from six months to a year, so you will not need new ones for some time.

If you would like to reach dirty spots that are further away, and you would instead not bend over, you can always extend the handle of this spin mop, all the way out to 55 inches. If you want a spin mop which features superior build quality and reliability, few can match the Twist and Shout mop.

Alternative 2 - Hurricane 360 Spin Mop

  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, etc.
  • The microfiber mop head is machine washable, which allows you to save money
  • Features a mop head which rotates 360 degrees for an improved cleaning radius
  • This mop works with any cleaning solution that you prefer
  • Features a pedal spin drive which eliminates the need to bend over and activate it
  • Features a swiveling head so that you can reach under furniture to clean up messes
  • The microfiber mop heads can be used and washed up to 300 times before degrading

If you want to save money on your purchase, few products can compete with the Hurricane spin mop. For 40 dollars, you will be hard-pressed to find a spin mop package that provides better value for money than the Hurricane 360. Let's take a look at why this is the case.

In the box, you get your spin mop handle, your bucket, and two microfiber mop heads, one of which is the main head and one of which is a replacement. Since both of these mop heads can be used over 300 times, you can rest assured that you will be able to mop the house for at least two years.

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop

Since the mop heads are made of microfiber, they will do an excellent job cleaning the place up, and as an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about your floors being scratched. This mop can be used with whatever detergent or cleaning solution you prefer, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

This is also a highly portable mop system. Even compared to other spin mops, the Hurricane 360 is exceptionally light, weighing only two pounds. If you want your spin mop to be as portable as possible, the Hurricane 360 has you covered, and it doesn't compromise durability to achieve that.

The swiveling head ensures that you will be able to reach under furniture and other things in the house to clean spots that are tougher. When coupled with the pedal-operated spin drive, this ensures that you will not have to bend over while using this mop, making it ideal for users with bad backs.

This spin mop can be used on a wide range of surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging any floors in your house. In fact, the microfiber helps prevent any scratches since it is so soft. If you want one of the most affordable spin mops, the Hurricane 360 is an excellent option.

Alternative 3 - Casabella Spin Cycle Mop With Bucket

  • Features a wringer basket which is made of stainless steel for added durability
  • Uses a push-down mechanism for spinning instead of a pedal, resulting in improved reliability
  • Features a built-in soap pump which can be removed and refilled
  • Features two handles which allows the bucket to be pulled in either direction
  • Features a washing spinner on the bucket interior for a cleaner mop after wringing
  • The pole features an ergonomic design for more comfortable use
  • The bucket features a built-in storage drawer

While the Casabella spin mop may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other choices on this list, it makes up for that lack of good looks with excellent functionality. This spin mop has features that you will not find on other models in the same price range and doesn't compromise on quality, either.

This is the best spin mop and bucket for people who don't mind sacrificing form for function. While there is nothing distinctly wrong with the look of the mop or its bucket, the design is merely plain and utilitarian. Regardless, let's move on to the features that make a difference.

The inclusion of a built-in soap pump means that you can adjust the level of detergent present in the water as you clean the house. This feature is ideal for homes where you have different materials used for flooring, so you will have to use varying levels of soap while you are going around mopping up.

Casabella Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

source: casabella.com

The bucket features a storage drawer which allows you to carry sponges, extra detergent, and anything else that you may need over the course of your cleaning. Since you will be holding the pole while you mop, it helps that it features an ergonomic design so that your hands don’t start aching.

A washing spinner on the interior of the bucket helps keep the mop clean so that you may continue mopping for a longer period without having to replace the water. When the bucket is full, it is easier to carry around thanks to the inclusion of wheels and dual carry handles.

If you are looking for a spin mop which has a reasonable price as well as a wide array of features, you will find few products that can match the Casabella spin mop.

Why You Should Choose Your Spin Mop Carefully

There are a few reasons why you will want to put a good deal of thought into your next spin mop purchase. The last thing that you want to end up with is a spin mop that can't clean your floors properly. If you buy an inferior mop, you will either have to get a new one or deal with dirty floors.

Keeping your home clean can be enough of a nuisance already, especially if you are not a fan of cleaning. If you opt for the best mop available, the task will become much easier, and it may even become enjoyable.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Spin Mop

There are several things you should take into consideration before you buy a spin mop:

Mop Head Size

The size of your spin mop’s head will affect how much of the floor you can clean at once. If you have a larger home, you will want to opt for a mop with a larger head to get your cleaning done faster. Keep in mind that a larger mop head will be more unwieldy than a smaller one.

Telescoping Handle

A telescoping handle (also known as a collapsible handle) is a handle which can be extended or retracted. The inclusion of a telescoping handle can help you reach places that are out of reach without having to use a mop handle that is cumbersome during routine cleaning.

Telescoping Handle


You will want your mop to be resilient enough to last you a decent amount of time. If you invest in a mop which will end up breaking within a week, it will amount to little more than a waste of money. The longer your mop is working, the longer it is still providing a return on the money you invested into it.

Spin Mechanism

The manner in which is the spin mechanism of your spin mop is actuated is another feature to consider. You have a choice between pedal operation or handle operation. Handle operated spin drives are more straightforward to use and less likely to break than those that make use of a pedal.


As you can see, it is not that difficult to find the best spin mop. We hope that we have been able to help you decide on the ideal model for your needs. Feel free to let us know what you think down in the comments section.